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Dar Boha

 © 2013 cd floro


Tribute to the converted hunting lodge that served as shelter and home for the Bridge Mountain Experience of the 1960s that I shared. She was spiritual home for us travelers who came, stayed and loved her for a time, then left for other places, other lives. Oh Dan? He's in an ashram in the Himalayas, still putting logs on the fire. (Update: Dan is in the Boston area now.)


Stealin' the Light

© 2013 cd floro ascap

Hau Mitakuyapi. "Stealin' the Light" is a song written for the Sissetonwan-Wahpetonwan Dakota Oyate, mitakodas, my oyate, for their "Idle No More" observance . . . standing in unity with other indigenous peoples against forces of oppression. To all who stand for Mother Earth pidamiya do!


Song for Aiyana

© 2015 cd floro, ascap


Rest easy beautiful child

rest gentle beautiful soul


This world is heavy and cold

purity struggles to be bold

now fly free, fly free

Aiyana is flying free


Rest easy beautiful child

rest gentle beautiful soul


All those who love you

would hold on if they could

they cry out your name

but in your name might

raise the world higher

make it warmer

for sake of others

with similar feathers


Raise vibration

of the big song

going on around

and underneath

the ground


Rest easy beautiful child

rest gentle beautiful soul




In memory of

Aiyana Catherine-Germaine Englund

Born: September 18, 2000

Died: November 03, 2015


Santa Cruz Mind

©2013 by cd floro, ascap

Tribute to friend Kim Emminger (Komet) back in Santa Cruz Safe from those evil birds flying in LA. Remembering Bridge Mountain, Alba Road, the days of glass, and the music ... always the music.


With Terry Hazen and my family members - Zeke, Alesia, Daniel, Crystal, Mikhail, and William.


Night City Blues

© 2013 cd floro, ascap


Footage shot in Chicago New Years 2014.


Sea Dream

or Ridin' Down to Bailol*

© 2014 cd floro, ascap


Rode a horse

outa a dream

to the sea


Rode a horse

at midnight

to the sea


Giddyaup in the water

Past the lighthouse


Giddyaup in the water

Not ever comin' back


A'ridin' down

the dark

'neath the waves


A'ridin' down

in dark

can't see your sky


Water travelin'

to find happiness


Water trav'ler for

love never had above


Some say love is dead

'n gone

some say


Some say love is dead

'n gone

might be


Lookin' for love

in sea dream world


Lookin' for love

bottom of the sea


Turn in the saddle

look 'round

no light remains


Turn in the saddle

no light behind

maybe ahead


Waves show ahead

shimmering glow


Trails end hitchin' post

on a land below


in a dream


in a



in a




*To Micronesians, heaven beneath the sea.


Resucitation: a song, a hope

© 2015 cd floro, ascap


Hau mitakuyapi. Damakota sni, wasicu. Sota wicasta emakiyapi. Chuck Floro. Cante was'te ya nape ceyuzapi. Hello, my relatives. I am not Dakota, but White. My Indian name is Sota Wicasta, my English name is Chuck Floro. I shake your hand with a good heart. And I apologize to the elders and others who may take offense at a White man writing a song for the Oyate, but in many ways over the years you have become my people. And my spirit cries for what is happening to your heart.


Untamed Whispers

© 2015 cd floro, ascap

Dedicated to nephew W.B.


Untamed whispers whispers from wilds of the mind


settle down as rain on hair and face


embrace the journey she is your child


Unknown mooring cast off lines set off free


Unencumbered by geometry of cities


Leanin' on walking stick headin' through wildwood kitchens


Flowers, we grew them in sixties fashion and ate them


in hillside groves we danced in unfilmed movies


you were a sparrow chirping from the throat


Longings grow tardy at the cabin door, and got no strength to knock


Briefly candle shines but no one comes


the big door is our own to open and to close


I chew bones and howl as coyotes do across a barren place


where did it all go the redwood steeples


I am not friendless but alone tonight with whispers


Tonight I am alone with these whispers come from wilds of the mind from the wild and gentle rain settling down on hair and face


a voice calls me come, return to the journey


voice calls me come, return to the journey



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