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Delta Queen

Back to the Cumberland Hills


Blue Ridge Mountain Rain

Star-Paved Road

Dreams Fly Away

Moonlight on the Tennessee River

Ships Sailin' Away

Silver Train

Paint a Picture

In the Last Row Alone

What Can I Say

Like Strangers

Song to Remember

Hope for Cloudy Skies

Will You Know

Ain't Lookin' No More

Big City World

Boom Boom

Cold River

Dar Boha

Don't want to know

Do you remember me?

Hard Times Friend

If love's imagination

Lay Down Lady

Lonely on a run

Momma said

Mountain girl song

Night City Blues

Pretend Love

Punk Dunkin'

Santa Cruz Mind

Storm movin' in

Walkin' ma baby back home

Young boy dream

I Travel to Tangerine Skies

Walk Softly

Sweet Safia

Clear Blue Sky

She Still Be


In Her Smile

Strollin' with Mr. D

For Baby (cover)


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